Cerevo Will Exhibit XON SNOW-1, Smart Snowboard Bindings at ISPO Munich 2015


Cerevo Will Exhibit XON SNOW-1, Smart Snowboard Bindings at ISPO Munich 1015

February 2, 2015 | Tokyo

Cerevo, the IoT startup based in Tokyo, will show its prototype for smart snowboard bindings XON SNOW-1 at ISPO Munich 2015, the world largest exhibition for sports gears, from Feb. 5th, 2015 to Feb. 8th.

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At ISPO Munich 2015, more than 2500 companies will exhibit sporting gears. Cerevo will exhibit XON SNOW-1 at this show, after its first exhibition at CES.

ISPO MUNICH | the international main exhibition for sport business

SNOW-1 had received high reputations from media and attendees of CES, and had received Top Tech of CES 2015 award at Sports & Fitness division from US media, Digital Trends. Cerevo will disseminate its concept of smart sports toward fan of sports and media attending ISPO Munich 2015.

Event: ISPO Munich 2015 Feb. 5-8
Booth address: Hall A1, booth107
URL: http://munich.ispo.com

SNOW-1 is snowboard bindings with Bluetooth4.0 LE module and various sensors. Data measured and accumulated when using SNOW-1 will be transmitted to smartphone in real time connected by bluetooth which allows snowboarders to analyze their rides.


Load censors located 4 places under each foot measures the shift of loads by snowboarder and position of the center of gravity. In addition, 2 distortion censors placed in front and end of the snowboard will measure distortion of the board at each section. By checking those data in real time when practicing boarding, snowboarders will be able to get more feedbacks to get skilled.


Measured data can be displayed and overlapped to movies recorded by smartphone. GPS data allows to check the path of the riding, too. By checking measured data with movie, snowboarders will be able to check their rides in an objective way. Information will be displayed graphically on smartphone which helps to grasp their rides from beginners to professionals easily.


In SNOW-1, super luminosity LED lights are installed in toe and heel sections which can be observed from the place 100 meters/30 feet away. LEDs illuminate by the movement of the boarder so boarders can use this function to add visual effects to their rides or to check their riding form by getting indicated with lights during their rides.

It’s been 40 years after snowboarding became a popular sports. A lot of advancement made on materials or shapes of the board but not a big innovation had occurred on the point how to improve the skill. We started to plan this product from the view point how consumer electronics developer can cause innovation in snowboarding experience. We used all our know-hows to develop an IoT gear.

It is important to understand how you put loads on the board, and how you shift the center of the gravity and how board is distorting but those information are not easy to grasp not only for beginners but also for professionals.

Shooting video for riding will help to check the riding form but it was difficult to grasp exact data of loading on the board and balancing the center of gravity.

SNOW-1 is a new sports gear with various sensors to solve above problem. It makes possible to analyze how boarders put loads on the board in real time and gives feedbacks to boarders to get skilled more easily.

You will enjoy this new experience on snowboarding.

-Bluetooth 4.0(Low Energy)
-3 axis acceleration sensor
-2 distortion sensors
-Load Sensors: 4 sensors for each binding (8 in total)
-Super Luminosity Lights: 2 lights for each binding (4 in total)
-Planned Price: $400 – $600

About Cerevo
Cerevo Inc. was named after (Consumer Electronic REVOlution) and its HQ is locating in
Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Cerevo focuses on creating network consumer devices. Cerevo makes its efforts to improve your daily life through the use of its products with the unique internet solutions.

Cerevo had developed and released CEREVO CAM, a digital camera with internet connectivity, LiveShell series, a device to enable to live stream on Ustream only with your digital camera, SmartTrigger, a bluetooth remote to enable to release the shutter of digital camera from your smart phone, and EneBrick, a mobile battery with function to connect USB keyboard for tablets. Those products are sold for more than 23 countries. For more information, please visit http://cerevo.com

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