Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of “PSYCHO-PASS”, Cerevo Accepts Pre-Orders for the Relaunch of Fully Mechanized Transforming Smart Toy “DOMINATOR” at Cerevo Official Store.

– All units are housed in serial numbered protector cases and sold in limited quantities. –

Cerevo Inc., an internet connected consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, accepts pre-orders for “DOMINATOR – 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION”, which is a fully mechanized, transforming replica of the gun used in the global hit anime PSYCHO-PASS. Previously released in 2016, DOMINATOR – 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION will be available in limited quantities.

Pre-orders are now accepted at the Cerevo Official Store at a price of USD1,299. All units will be packaged in a protector case with individual serial numbers and the estimated shipping date is April 2024.


About “DOMINATOR” 10th anniversary model

“DOMINATOR – 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION” is a reproduction of the “DOMINATOR – SPECIAL EDITION” which was produced in 2016. Utilizing the same design, materials and functions, it features a grip made from natural rosewood with a polished finish. The Public Safety Bureau mark above the grip is crafted from aluminum and decorated with a synthetic ruby that gives it a texture similar to a high quality accessory.

Cerevo’s DOMINATOR is a smart toy and fully transformable from Parallelizer to Eliminator modes. The original was discontinued in 2019 due to difficulties in sourcing the necessary parts. However, due to the continuous requests from PSYCHO-PASS fans all over the world, Cerevo has decided to reproduce the model by modifying the internal mechanism and release a new version to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the broadcast debut of the anime “PSYCHO-PASS”.

The differences from the previous model are as follows –

  • The packaging is changed to a protector case with an individual serial number.
  • The internal mechanism has been modified without changing the transformation function.

Pre-orders are now accepted at the Cerevo Official Store, and will be closed as the pre-order numbers reach the planned production quantity.


■ Product

DOMINATOR (equivalent to previous SPECIAL EDITION)

■ Items included in the package

  • DOMINATOR Official Battery, 1 each
  • Charger (USB power supply), 1 each
  • Quick Setup Guide, 1 copy
  • A protector case with serial number, 1 each
    * The DOMINATOR will be shipped in the protector case. 

■ Price and other information

Price: USD1,299.00
Product Number: CTP-DM01A-AE
JAN: 4582327552715

■ Pre-Order page at the Official Cerevo Store

About the Protector Case with Serial Number

The protector case, which was sold separately from the previous model, will be packaged with each unit of DOMINATOR – 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION. This protective case is exclusively designed for DOMINATOR, made of a special resin that is waterproof, load-bearing, and impact-resistant.

DOMINATOR – 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION is delivered in a serial numbered protector case.

In order to allow you to enjoy the world of PSYCHO-PASS even more, all protector cases are equipped with a plate with an individual serial number engraved on it.

– The exact serial number cannot be selected in advance.
– The design shown in the image is under development and may be changed on the actual product.

About DOMINATOR Functions

Cerevo’s DOMINATOR has been created under the supervision of Production I.G director Naoyoshi Shiotani and Nitroplus designer Makoto Ishiwata. DOMINATOR features characteristics identical to the devices seen in PSYCHO-PASS such as automatic transformation, voiceover and sound effects, authentic LED lighting, touch sensor activation, Crime Coefficient analysis and more.

Automatic Transformation Between Paralyzer and Eliminator Mode 

Equipped with a special geared motor customized for this product, Cerevo’s DOMINATOR can automatically transform between Paralyzer and Eliminator modes according to a target’s Crime Coefficient score. Cerevo’s DOMINATOR is the world’s first smart toy to commercialize an electrically‐powered deformation mechanism.

Crime Coefficient Analysis and Transformations

When DOMINATOR is aimed at a target, it will automatically analyze and readout the target’s Crime Coefficient score. Connecting a smartphone will allow DOMINATOR to capture and stream an image from its built-in camera to the companion smartphone app and overlay Crime Coefficient data on the target image*.  Just like the one on PSYCHO-PASS, Cerevo’s DOMINATOR transforms to Eliminator mode based on the target’s Crime Coefficient score and is able to capture and save the images with the target’s Crime Coefficient score to the companion smartphone app. 

Camera images mounted on the DOMINATOR can be viewed from the DOMINATOR App.

*The “Crime Coefficient” displays a different value for each person to whom the DOMINATOR is pointed at. The “crime coefficient” is a term used in PSYCHO-PASS and is a fictional word.

Official Voiceover by Noriko Hidaka

DOMINATOR features over 100 exclusive voice samples from Noriko Hidaka who plays the Dominator voiceover for PSYCHO-PASS. Cerevo’s DOMINATOR can automatically playback voice-overs depending on the situation, such as grasping the grip, detecting an authorized person and more. Cerevo’s DOMINATOR has a built-in speaker for voiceover and sound effects and can also playback sound via a connected smartphone’s speakers.

*There are 71 types of voices that can be played in sound test mode.
*The DOMINATOR app will be compatible with iOS/Android in Spring 2024.

Grip Touch Sensor and over 200 LEDs

Cerevo’s DOMINATOR has a built-in touch sensor on the left and right hand sides of grip, enabling detection when held in either hand. Just like in PSYCHO-PASS you can register your DOMINATOR to activate when holding the grip or lock out unauthorized users. DOMINATOR’s body has a total of 217 full color, high brightness LEDs, the LEDs have authentic lighting patterns to replicate Paralyzer, Eliminator or charging modes.

Cerevo Global Official Store, DOMINATOR – 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION
Pre-Orders at the Cerevo Official Store.

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