Resolution of Caption Function Issue on Dashboard for Cerevo’s Live Series Products

This is a report to summarize the issue which occurred with Dashboard for Cerevo’s Live Series products from 11:00 am 10th August 2023 to 6:00 pm 10th August 2023 (JST). 

It was confirmed in the morning of August 10, 2023 that there was an issue with the caption function when connecting to “Dashboard”, the live streaming operation/setting web application, from the following Cerevo products. We now confirmed that the caption function is restored. 

About the error:

Unable to upload and display text or images on top of the live streaming video by using Dashboard’s caption function (character, images, and paused images).

Products affected: 

  • LiveShell 2
  • LiveShell PRO
  • LiveShell X
  • LiveWedge

This issue occurred: 
From 11am 10th August 2023 (JST)

This issue was fixed:
6pm 10th August 2023 (JST) 

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. 

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