Cerevo Codeveloped a Cloud Connected Listening Device, Listnr, with Interphenom


Cerevo Codeveloped a Cloud Connected Listening Device, Listnr, with Interphenom
Cerevo Had Supported to Develop and Mass-produce the Product. Panasonic Provided Voice Recognition Engine for the Product.

 January 6, 2015 | Tokyo

Cerevo today announced its newly codeveloped product “Listnr” with Interphenom, Inc.  This product will be listed at Kickstarter to get funded from today and will also be presented in 2015 International CES(Sands – #74761).



Listnr is a small cloud listening device with internet connectivity and mic. Listnr analyzes the sound near the device then sends commands to remote smartphone or to remote internet connected devices via server.

Listnr will provide first the function to analyze baby cry to distinguish 4 different patterns of emotions such as laughing or crying and notify to smartphone, and the function to control lighting system “Philips hue” by finger snap sound. APIs will also be disclosed so developers can make products or services adapted to Listnr.



Please check the news release by Interphenom, Inc. for further details about Listnr.

Cerevo had designed electronic cirucuit and chassis of Listnr and programmed embedded software. For voice recognition, Listnr is using the technology developed by Panasonic.



This product is the first case in Japan to combine the technology of major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer with Japanese startup and use crowd funding to check the demand of the market.

About Cerevo
Cerevo was named after (Consumer Electronic REVOlution) and its HQ is locating in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Cerevo focuses on creating network consumer devices. Cerevo makes its efforts to improve your daily life through the use of its products with the unique internet solutions.

Cerevo had developed and released CEREVO CAM, a digital camera with internet connectivity, LiveShell series, a device to enable to live stream on Ustream only with your digital camera, SmartTrigger, a Bluetooth remote to enable to release the shutter of digital camera from your smart phone, and EneBRICK, a mobile battery with function to connect USB keyboard for tablets. Those products are sold for more than 23 countries. For more information, please visit http://cerevo.com

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