FlexTally, the Wireless Tally Lamp System, New Firmware Update Adds Support for Wirecast and the Ability to Turn On/Off the Preview Indicator

Cerevo has released the latest FlexTally firmware (Windows Utility software ver 1.2.0, FlexTally Station Rev. 0029) with the following new features. 

  • Added support for Wirecast.
  • Added the ability to turn off the preview indicator (green lamp) when the station unit is connected via Ethernet to a switcher.

●Support for “Wirecast” software switcher

Each FlexTally lamp can be set individually for each Wirecast shot. This should be useful for not only camera switching, but also for communicating cue timing for VTR and lower thirds to on-camera performers and staff.

●Turning on/off the preview indicator (green lamp) when the station unit is connected via Ethernet to a switcher. 

With the latest FlexTally Utility software for Windows you now have the choice to turn on or turn off the preview indicator (green lamp) when FlexTally is connected via Ethernet to a supported switcher. 

This feature gives you more choice when configuring FlexTally to use at your broadcasting location. For example, turn off the preview indicator if you only want to inform the on-camera performers about the on-air camera (red), or turn it on when you want to inform the camera operators about the preview status as before.

We will continue to update FlexTally to reflect the needs of our users and to make it more convenient and easier to use.


FlexTally is a tally lamp system that consists of one station unit connected to a video switcher and four lamps attached to each camera. One station unit can have up to eight lamps connected (sold separately). When shooting with multiple cameras, such as when recording live programs or live streaming, each FlexTally lamp automatically lights up according to the video switcher’s switching operations, helping the performer to recognize which camera is being used.

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