Notice of issue related to one function of smart alarm “cloudiss”

19th February, 2019

Notice of issue related to one function of smart alarm “cloudiss”


Cerevo is aware of an issue with one function of the smart alarm “cloudiss”.


Outline of the Issue
In the process of linking cloudiss and Google Calendar, an error message appears on the setting confirmation screen (final stage of the process) and can not complete.
• When the issue occurred: Approx. 2018/11/01
• Function resumption date: By 2019/02/22 (estimated)

*The function resumption date was 2/20 when this was posted, but it is currently estimated 2/22.(as of 2/19)

*We are proceeding with restoration of the function and will inform as soon as we know the timing of resuming the function.(as of 2/22)</del)

*The function is now restored.(as of 2/23 3pm)

Currently, we are investigating fixes and are aiming for a swift resolution of the issue. We are sorry to all cloudiss users for this trouble. We will inform you on this web page and the official Cerevo Facebook and Twitter accounts as soon as the issue has been resolved.
For your reference, you can still use basic functions such as alarms that specify the time and day of the week using the companion smartphone application and alarm tone/volume changes, etc. without problems.

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