Cerevo announces the global availability of “FlexTally”, a wireless tally lamp system

30th November, 2017 –

Cerevo announces the global availability of “FlexTally”
A wireless tally lamp system, competitively priced and easy to set

Cerevo Inc., an Internet connected consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, announces “FlexTally” that supports both wireless and wired connections will be available for pre-order from 1st December 2017 (EST) at the Cerevo Official Store for US$529.00, and will begin shipping in January 2018.

“FlexTally” is a competitively priced and easy to set up tally system for small & professional crews. Cerevo also makes available additional lamps for purchase separately for US$129.00.




The standard package of FlexTally contains one station unit that connects to a video switcher and four lamp units that are to be attached to each camera, each lamp illuminates automatically according to the switching operation. The Tally Lamp System can be used for recording or live streaming with multiple cameras. Without a professional broadcasting studio camera setup, on camera performers or presenters have no way to know which of the multiple cameras is active. Using a tally lamp system, an indicator lamp called a “tally lamp” is set near the lens of each camera and the tally lamp with a pilot lamp to show which camera is active.

If you use FlexTally in combination with Cerevo’s live streaming video switcher LiveWedge, no advanced setup is required and users can easily complete installation without special knowledge of video equipment or network connections. The station unit can be connected to LiveWedge by simply connecting to the same Ethernet network as LiveWedge. It is also possible to connect directly to LiveWedge without going through a router.*1 In addition, FlexTally is compatible with other brands’ switchers*2 such as Blackmagic Design’s ATEM series, NewTek’s TriCaster series etc. as well as other switchers that support GPIO-capable connections.

No advanced setup is required to use with Cerevo’s LiveWedge switcher

No advanced setup is required to use with Cerevo’s LiveWedge switcher

Built-in batteries in the lamps eliminate the need for multiple power cables. They use the 433MHz wireless band*3 which is resistant to obstacles and interference from other wireless signals. The wired connection uses a standard RS-485 serial connection.

Lamp unit (subunit)

FlexTally can be used with cables several hundred meters in length and can achieve a communication distance of 100m or greater *4 in a wireless environment without issue, and also it is possible to daisy chain connections through terminal blocks.

Extra lamps can be added to FlexTally, making it possible to connect up to 16 lamp units to one station unit*5. Settings and device ID allocations for both the station unit and lamps can easily be changed by adjusting the setting switch on the underside of the both units. This allows you to flexibly change the number of lamp connections at the filming site without changing your entire setup.

Station Unit (Main unit)




Wireless Connectivity 433MHz (US/EU) *3
Wired Connectivity RS-485 serial connection
Wireless Connection Distance Approx. 100m (line-of-sight)
Number of Lamps Supported 16 units *5
Power Station Micro USB
Lamp Micro USB Charger (Power supply)
Lamp Operation Time 6-12 hours (will vary depending on the lamp brightness and usage environment)
Lamp Charging Time Approx. 2 hours
Station 128×77×28 mm
Lamp 100×60×50 mm
Weight Station 142g
Lamp 164g

Cerevo Official 3rd Party Switcher Compatibility List (as of 30th November, 2017)

Brand Product Name Connection Method
Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Network
ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Network
ATEM Production Studio 4K Network
Roland VR-4HD Specific Cable (GPIO)
NewTek Tricaster 460 Specific Cable (GPIO)
Tricaster TC1 Specific Cable (GPIO)
Sony MCX-500 Specific Cable (GPIO)

*1 LiveWedge firmware update is required for direct connection with LiveWedge.
*2 To connect with your video switchers, you need to set up using dedicated software provided by Cerevo or a specifically configured cable for GPIO connection.
The cable should be created based on the tally output specifications of the video switcher you are using and the FlexTally’s tally input specifications.
Specifications of the tally output may be different for each brand and switcher model.
Supported OS for the dedicated software is Windows 10/8.1/7, Mac OS X is scheduled to be supported in the future.

*3 Specification for the US/EU product version. The version for Japan uses the 315MHz band for connectivity.
*4 Actual distance varies depending on the environment.
*5 Up to 32 lamps will be supported in a future firmware update. 8 lamps can be controlled when connected via GPIO connection with your switchers.

About FlexTally
News Release

A selection of high resolution images can be found at the link below.


Cerevo will hold a FlexTally Touch and Try event on 18th December 2017.
– The event is basically operated in Japanese language.

“FlexTally” Touch and Try event

About Cerevo
Cerevo Inc. (Consumer Electronic REVOlution) was founded in 2008 and is located in Tokyo, Japan with a branch office in Redmond, WA, USA. Cerevo is a small batch company focusing on making unique networked devices and connected solutions for both consumer and professional users based on its “Global Niche” concept. Cerevo’s products have been recognized globally and are sold in more than 60 countries.

Over 25 products have been released including, CEREVO CAM – a digital camera with internet connectivity, the LiveShell series – devices to enable live streaming on Ustream and YouTube Live using only a video camera, LiveWedge – a 4 input HDMI switcher with live streaming capabilities, Tipron – a smart robot projector for homes or businesses, and the XON series of smart sports products. For more information, please visit – http://cerevo.com

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