[Downtime Report] Connection Failure for Cerevo Live Series Products and Dashboard

6th February 2020

This is a report to summarize the issue which occurred with Cerevo’s Live Series products and Cerevo Dashboard from 5th February 2020 to 6th February 2020 (JST). 

We sincerely apologize for any trouble or inconvenience this might have caused to our users.     

Below is a summary of the issue. 

1. About the error 

The following errors were shown on the unit’s front display panel as it attempted live streaming using Cerevo Dashboard –  

  • TCP/IP Error
  • Server Error 

The unit itself was unable to connect to Dashboard and unable to start live broadcasting. 

Products affected: 

  • LiveShell 2
  • LiveShell PRO
  • LiveShell X
  • LiveWedge

This issue occurred: 

From 5am (JST) 5th February 2020

This issue was fixed: 

1:50pm (JST) 6th February 2020

Reasons and action taken: 

We confirmed that our 2 API Servers were under unexpected heavy load and this was what caused the error. We have upgraded and optimized these servers along with updating the accompanying applications to more effectively balance unexpected heavy load in the future. 

2. Further action 

We will continue to do a more detailed investigation to prevent this problem from happening again. We will also take necessary action in near future so that users of Cerevo Live Series products experience continuous stable operation of services.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.  

For any questions, please contact the Cerevo Customer Support Team. 

Cerevo Customer Support Team