1/8 TACHIKOMA new “Quadrupedal Walk” function is now ready, and the World Tour Continues at Anime Expo (LA), Japan Expo (Paris) and CCG Expo (Shanghai)

 23rd June 2017 –

1/8 TACHIKOMA now has a new “Quadrupedal Walk” function, just like the original animation “Ghost in the Shell”

The World Tour continues with 1/8 TACHIKOMA travelling to Anime Expo (LA),
Japan Expo (Paris) and CCG Expo (Shanghai)
Also get special 1/8 TACHIKOMA items at each destination!

*Description added to avoid misunderstanding – Please note that current language support for 1/8 Tachikoma is ONLY Japanese for output via the smartphone app or internal speaker. Tachikoma supports both Japanese and English input via the smartphone app or internal microphone. [As of 14th August 2017]

Cerevo Inc., an Internet connected consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo Japan, announces that 1/8 TACHIKOMA (Product name:攻殻機動隊 Ghost In The Shell S.A.C. TACHIKOMA 1/8 scale Moving, Talking and Synchronizing) now has an additional new function, “quadrupedal walking” just like in the original animation, “Ghost in the Shell”.

Cerevo’s TACHIKOMA, a smart toy replica of the AI robotic weapons platform that appears in the animation “Ghost in the Shell” is fully mobile and can move around by it’s own robotic feet and wheels. Users can converse with it using the companion cloud-linked smartphone app.

“Oh look, Tachikoma now walks just like in the anime!”

Cerevo took extra time to add the quadrupedal walking feature in addition to the existing running on wheels feature, and also further improved the durability of TACHIKOMA. Both modes of motion can operated through the companion smartphone app, so TACHIKOMA can now can move via its wheels and walk with its legs. The walking function will be continuously enhanced with constant tune-ups by Cerevo going forward for no additional fee. Currently TACHIKOMA is scheduled to be delivered to customers from late August 2017, pre-orders will be fulfilled in order with the earliest pre-orders receiving their TACHIKOMA first.

Also Cerevo continues the special campaign 1/8 TACHIKOMA WORLD TOUR which was started in May to celebrate its global debut and will be showing off the new walking function at major global events such as Anime Expo (Los Angeles), Japan Expo (Paris) and CCG Expo (Shanghai), extending the world tour to more cities after past events in both London and Dusseldorf.

Campaign Name:  “1/8 TACHIKOMA WORLD TOUR
Period:     9:00am (CEST) 26th May –  23:59 am (PDT) 31st August 2017


Anime Expo (LA, US) 1st July – 4th July
http://www.anime-expo.org   Booth #5111 in the Premium booth, South Hall

Japan Expo (Paris, France) 6th July – 9th July
http://www.japan-expo-france.jp/jp/ Booth #B134  “Ghost in the Shell” with Anime Limited

CCG EXPO 2017 (Shanghai, China) 6th July -10th July
http://www.ccgexpo.cn/  Booth #B-6 with Shanghai Comicsoul Trading Co.,Ltd

15th China Joy (Shanghai, China) 27th July -30th July
http://www.chinajoy.net/ Booth #D304  with Hangzhou Mokoo Communication Co.,Ltd

*The schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Fans should follow or like Cerevo’s global social media accounts to get special 1/8 TACHIKOMA items on site at each location. When they post a 1/8 TACHIKOMA photo or video on social media accounts they need to include the designated hashtag #Cerevo (they can add any other related hashtag they like).

Applicable product: 1/8 TACHIKOMA

Follow/like Cerevo Global’s social media accounts (on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook):

Receive a special 1/8 TACHIKOMA canvas tote bag x1 & clear plastic folder x1
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– Use the QR code to follow Cerevo’s Twitter account (QR codes for Cerevo’s Instagram and Facebook accounts are also available)

* One set (consisting of 1 clear plastic and 1 tote bag) of giveaway items per person.
* There is a maximum number of giveaways per day and they will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.


News Release | Product page
News Release of the World Tour #1

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