Open source versions of RIDE-1 frame mount and housing 3D model data have been released

Cerevo has released open source 3D model data for the frame mount and housing as the first “Hack RIDE-1” project, which will enable riders to use RIDE-1 with more diverse kinds of bicycles.

The files are in STL format and can be edited using 3D CAD software. The edited 3D models can then be printed with a 3D printer, enabling RIDE-1 to be used with unique shape bicycles or other vehicles that would previously have been incompatible.

Model data is provided as 3 different bike mount sizes with MIT licenses. They are designed to attach to the bicycle bottle cage just like RIDE-1’s standard mount. You can edit each mount to suit your needs and enjoy RIDE-1, it also possible to create original housing using the main housing model data. Please use according to CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.


Some of RIDE-1’s latest updates include –

  • Password reset feature
    Have you ever forgotten your password and can not log in to RIDE-1 during your ride? A password reset function was added to its web service. Now you don’t need to worry about forgetting your password.
  • Improved usability of activity display screen

When manipulating the map on the screen, the scale changed or scrolled automatically. This is now fixed in the latest update.

*Improvements on usability are carried out irregularly.


We are planning to update the following features in the coming weeks –

  • Improving activity synchronization speed
  • Improving activity display
  • Complying with ANT + Bicycle Power profile


RIDE-1 Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity definitions and the release of the Web API are scheduled for the near future. If you have any interesting ideas please do not hesitate to contact


For more details on RIDE-1, please see the online manual –

RIDE-1 Manual

About RIDE-1
RIDE-1 has 9 different internal sensors to monitor a variety of cycling parameters and with RIDE-1’s telemetry function, environment data, cycling dynamics, GPS distance information and the route data can displayed in real time on the companion smartphone app. 

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