Streaming Service Support for the First “LiveShell” Device Released in 2011 will be Discontinued at the End of November 2019

26th November, 2018 –

Streaming Service Support for the First “LiveShell” Device Released in 2011 will be Discontinued at the End of November 2019

Cerevo Inc., an Internet connected consumer electronics manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan, has announced that streaming service support for the first LiveShell (model number CDP-LS01) will be discontinued on November 30, 2019. LiveShell was the first product in the best-selling LiveShell line of PC-less live streaming devices.

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LiveShell launched in November 2011 at 26,800 yen as an encoder that can live stream beautiful images and sound by simply attaching a video camera via a HDMI cable and connecting to a network for streaming. Final shipments of the product ended in December 2016, and support for streaming services will end on November 30th, 2019. Although you will still be able to access the Dashboard control panel after this end date, streaming service support will end for original LiveShell (CDP-LS01) devices.


End of Support Schedule
22nd Nov. 2018 ー Device replacement consultation service available via email.
30th Nov. 2019 ー End date of streaming services using original LiveShell.
Original LiveShell cannot be operated from Dashboard.
31st Mar. 2020 ー Email support for original LiveShell ends.


Replacement Consultation Service
Until 31st March 2020, you can contact Cerevo at the below email address for advice on which successor device to replace your original LiveShell device with.
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About Cerevo’s Live Product Line
The LiveShell series of LiveShell 2, LiveShell PRO and LiveShell X are successor devices to the original LiveShell and make up part of Cerevo’s live product line. Each device targets specific price points and feature sets for all live streaming needs.
In addition to these live streaming products, live video products such as the LiveWedge switcher, FlexTally tally lamp and RICOH R Development Kit are also available.

Cerevo Live Products
Live Streaming Products
LiveShell X
LiveShell PRO
LiveShell 2

Live Video Products
RICOH R Development Kit

About Cerevo
Cerevo Inc. was founded in 2008 and is located in Tokyo, Japan with a branch office in Redmond, WA, USA. Cerevo is a small batch company focusing on making unique networked devices and connected solutions for both consumer and professional users based on its “Global Niche” concept. Cerevo’s products have been recognized globally and are sold in more than 80 countries.

Over 25 products have been released including, the LiveShell series – devices to enable live streaming on Ustream and YouTube Live using only a video camera, LiveWedge – a 4 input HDMI switcher with live streaming capabilities, Tipron – a smart robot projector for homes or businesses, and the XON series of smart sports products. For more information, please visit –

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