Cerevo Unveils a Palm Size Physical Key Switch “Hackey”


Cerevo Unveils a Palm Size Physical Key Switch “Hackey”
Triggers Web Services Remotely, Allows You to Customize it to Suit Your Needs

March 16, 2015 | Tokyo

Cerevo today unveiled its latest product “Hackey” at South by South West Tradeshow.


Hackey is a palm size key switch with internet connectivity. It is adapted to IFTTT to enable users to control various web services remotely. The action of Hackey can be added in the recipe of IFTTT. With Hackey and IFTTT, you can enable many new usages like getting notified when your kid returns home by asking him to turn this key when he gets back, or etc.


Cerevo will disclose control APIs of Hackey for developers to enable to create services or gadgets linked with Hackey freely. Hackey can be also linked with other web services or gadgets, allowing users to use it as a switch to trigger the action remotely.

Hackey can be used not only to trigger actions as a key switch but also to receive information from internet. With IFTTT recipe, you can control LED of Hackey to illuminate as you want. For example, you can link Hackey with your smart light bulb in your bedroom. You can program Hackey to turn on LED when your bedroom’s light is on and off when the light is off. Then you can turn off the light remotely by turning Hackey’s key, and get confirmed by seeing Hackey’s LED turns off.

key-body600You can also place this switch in the meeting room, to make an update on the online calendar to notify that room is in the use when someone turns on that key, and make another update that room is now available when that key gets turned off, and see also the status by on and off of Hackey’s LED.

The key unit can be replaced by other φ16mm switches sold as common components in the market. Therefore you can replace the key switch with other type of switch or make your own designed switch by using a 3D printer.


We’re planning to sell Hackey with couple replaceable switches and buttons.

We unveiled and will be exhibiting Hackey at South by South West Tradeshow held in Austin, Texas, USA from March 15th to March 18th. This is the first time to exhibit prototypes of Hackey.

Shipping Date
Planning to ship around Summer, 2015

Retail Price
TBD. Planning to set around $90

Size:  Diameter:56mm Height:51mm(Exclude the key)
Wight: Unfixed
Internet Connection: WiFi(IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Power: AC adapter(5V、micro USB)
Indicator: LED

IFTTT is a web service to link web services and customize them to make recipes to control them.

Put the internet to work for you. – IFTTT

About Cerevo
Cerevo Inc. was named after (Consumer Electronic REVOlution) and its HQ is locating in
Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Cerevo focuses on creating network consumer devices. Cerevo makes its efforts to improve your daily life through the use of its products with the unique internet solutions.
Cerevo had developed and released CEREVO CAM, a digital camera with internet connectivity, LiveShell series, a device to enable to live stream on Ustream only with your digital camera, SmartTrigger, a bluetooth remote to enable to release the shutter of digital camera from your smart phone, and LiveWedge, a 4 HDMI input switcher with live streaming function. Those products are sold for more than 27 countries. For more information, please visit http://cerevo.com

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